Philosophy and the Outside II: Materiality / Immateriality

Philosophy and the Outside II: CRMEP Annual Graduate Conference 2013
Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy
Kingston University London

Materiality / Immateriality
Tuesday June 4th 2013

A One-Day Conference-workshop with Antonia Birnbaum (University of Paris VIII)

The common trait of modern philosophical reconfigurations of the materiality/ immateriality couplet was the impulse to problematize, through various strategies, overlooked intricacies and unexplored arrangements of terms hidden within traditional dualistic paradigms. This produced, as a consequence, new modalities of theoretical and practical endeavour. What then, if anything, survives of this impulse today? And, in light of the contemporary philosophical and non-philosophical conjuncture, what would now constitute an adequate treatment of the material/immaterial distinction? These are some of the questions which this conference-workshop will address.

Thinking through materiality and immateriality with Antonia Birnbaum, we will address questions of subjectivity, politics, sensation, experience and cognition through the lenses of contemporary philosophy. And we expect to unfold anew the shifting contours of idealism and materialism alike, by negotiating their respective interrogations of conceptual, sonic, artistic, feminist, and scientific terrains. On this trajectory we shall encounter Adorno’s imageless materialism, Rancière’s disidentification, Deleuze’s materialist pragmatics, Laruelle’s materio-logic, Delanda’s aesthetic of emergence, and more. We will finish with an open roundtable discussion looking at the thematic threads that have been pursued during the day.

Antonia Birnbaum is a philosopher and an art critic based in Paris. She has written extensively on Nietzsche, Descartes, Benjamin, politics and contemporary art, and will be presenting her recent work on subjectivity and emancipation in Rancière and Foucault.

Registration for the conference is free, and is available here.

The timetable for the conference is now available here.

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